Tenuta Borgia


One of the most charming retreats in the heart of Pantelleria Island National Park

Tenuta Borgia’s green paradise

Tenuta Borgia, farm devoted to the production of extra virgin olive oil and sweet Zibibbo grapes, is one of the most exclusive and stunning country retreats of Pantelleria. Located on the south­west side of the island, in the heart of Pantelleria Island National Park, Tenuta Borgia dominates the coastline that streches from the ancient village of Scauri to the stunning cliff of the Elephant, a place rich with caves, lava sculptures, emerald coves. “From a terrace, the view of an absolute sea that sometimes at sunset smells a little of Africa” (Alberto Coretti)
100 meters away from the sea as the crow flies, the dammusi of Tenuta Borgia are surrounded by a large Mediterranean park: palm trees and pinewoods create delicious shaded areas while numerous fruit trees provide guests with juicy lemons, peaches, loquats, grapes, figs and persimmons, according to the season.

The activity of the farm is the cultivation of zibibbo grapes – from 2014 inscribed in the UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – used to produce the famous wine Passito di Pantelleria.

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TENUTA BORGIA - Dammuso Grande

In Tenuta Borgia there is a piece of traditional Mediterranean architecture, the Arabian garden, remarkable for its size: an outdoor area fenced by high walls designed to protect precious citrus plants. The one in Tenuta Borgia is the most beautiful garden of Pantelleria island, which preserves its ancient lava stone walls and the original irrigation system. The wooden benches inside invite to rest and abandon themselves in a dreamy atmosphere. At night, the park of the estate acquires the charm of silence and you can walk through, led by a discreet lighting, conceived for strolls among the trees under the stars.

The dammusi of Tenuta Borgia (the “dammusi of Pantelleria” par excellence!) are an example of a successful symbiosis between settlement and nature, a perfect resort offering a exquisite experience of the harmonious flow of closed and open spaces. The decor of the different settings is extremely pleasant and original personally chosen by the owner, Rosa Borgia Baroness Collice. It is a sophisticated combination of functional design furniture and vintage objects.
The appliances are of high quality as well as the materials used: solid wood, antique local handmade tiles.

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