Tenuta Borgia

Join the waiting list for summer 2023

July 5th, 2022

Like the most important resorts and facilities in Pantelleria, Tenuta Borgia is also fully booked for the entire month of August. The last two seasons have marked a significant increase in the tourist presence in Pantelleria in the central weeks of the summer, putting a lot of stress on the accommodation system as a whole (including car / scooter / boat rentals, restaurants and other related services) with obvious negative repercussions on the overall holiday experience by visitors.

If you have not already purchased a plane ticket, we strongly advise you to consider an alternative destination for your holiday this August and we look forward to having you as our guests on a future occasion. It is already possible to apply to be placed on the waiting list for summer 2023!

We want your holiday in Pantelleria to be an unforgettable experience!


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