Tenuta Borgia


Zibibbo: A sweet wine is part of the Unesco world heritage

December 1st, 2014

Zibibbo is not just a delicious sweet wine to taste after a nice dinner. It is also part of Italian culture – and now of human culture as well: Unesco has voted unanimously (161 countries !!! ) to include the very special grape cultivation technique used on the Sicilian island of Pantelleria on its prestigious World Heritage list.

Pantelleria growers use the “alberello” technique to grow their prized Zibibbo or Alexandrian Muscat grapes, which are used to make the volcanic island’s famous Passito wines.

In the past Italy has already been recognized for the Mediterranean Diet and the vineyard landscapes of the “Langhe” region in Northern Italy. But it is the first time that a grape cultivation technique has been included.

Originally the Zibibbo grape came from Northern Africa. It was brought to Pantelleria by the Fenicians. In Pantelleria the plant is grown in the volcanic soil in small hollows below ground level in order to protect them from wind and use the few water available in the most efficient way. Together with a special trimming technique and the late harvest and drying in the sun this guarantees the very special Zibibbo taste.

Enjoy this piece of the world’s cultural heritage.

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