Tenuta Borgia

Action Painting in Pantelleria

November 17th, 2020

The prestigious magazine INTERNI (N ° 706, November 2020) tells us how the simple restoration of a swimming pool can be transformed, in the hands of an artist like Maria Grazia Rosin, into a performative act.
“Location of the film A Bigger Splash by Luca Guadagnino, with its park and the well-known swimming pool, Tenuta Borgia in Pantelleria is a magical place. […] Designed by architect Luigi Vietti in 1990, it was initially composed from the main pool and a small pool for ‘lunch and dinner sitting in the water’, as Rosa Borgia recalls. With the production of the film, the small pool was buried into a solarium. Recently the owners of the estate, to give a new identity to this space, they asked Maria Grazia Rosin, an artist trained in Venice with Emilio Vedova, to interpret the backdrop with a freehand work, in order to give it light and energy. “While I was performing the freehand drawing performance”, explains Maria Grazia Rosin, “I realized I was experiencing a transposition. The signs I was tracing coincided more and more distinctly with the texture of the ‘ciacchi’, the lime-brushed stripes that, following the cracks on the domed tuff roofs, preserve the dammusi from water infiltrations “. Carlo Biasia

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