Tenuta Borgia

FT defines what a “Fantasy home” in the Mediterranean should look like

November 26th, 2020

I choose not grandeur for my fantasy home, but a place to exist in solitude and quiet. A simple, one-storey house with whitewashed walls, embedded in a wild, rustic landscape.

[…] The house seems to invite such secrecy with its low ceilings, dark recesses and cool, dusky shade from the searing heat outside.

It is primarily a space for rest and respite, for wet, sunned skin to dry, for aching feet to be soothed by ceramic tiles. I am seduced by its homeliness. If anything, its plainness allows for the glorious surroundings to really take centre stage.

[…] The house appears like a natural child of the volcanic mountainside, clinging to its rugged land with no neighbours to be seen.
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